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Helten / Jan 01, 2020

Happy new year and Merry Christmas from the officerteam!The year that just finished has been hectic, but we finally got all the Class Leaders we want, and together we are now starting to turn our focus against BWL that soon is out. This is when ra...

Helten / Nov 15, 2019

We have the last couple of days been working on a serverchange. We have landed on Earthshaker, and said goodbye to Gehennas. We hope that as many as possible can come and join us on ES, and we are hoping for lots of loot and fun here! :)

Helten / Oct 22, 2019

Due to the poll we will from now on raid on thursdays. We are very happy to do this, cause it helps everyone to get their MC done, if they cant on thursday cause of queue or other stuff, make a pug or something during the rest of the week. Sunday ...

Helten / Aug 01, 2019

Finally! We have finally made up our mind about classic, and welcome to all, and at least former ashamed and Pertento members that will be the maincore of this guild, powered up with some strong, structured, friendly & awesome players from a g...