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Happy New year!

Helten / Jan 01, 2020
Happy new year and Merry Christmas from the officerteam!

The year that just finished has been hectic, but we finally got all the Class Leaders we want, and together we are now starting to turn our focus against BWL that soon is out. This is when raiding starts to be fun, and it requires a lot more from us as a raid!

There will be requirements regarding consumes, buffs, gear and a lot more to attend those raids, and also a lot of understanding of the mechanics as well as knowledge about the instance.

As we speak we are trying to form lists and information about all this, BUT, you should start allready to stock LOTS of consumes, you never can have enough!

We will announce this as fast as we can!

Untill then, Take care, enjoy the christmas and have an awesome time! :)


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