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Guild Info
<Cooldown> EU Alliance - EPGP - Progression guild

Cooldown started as a home for pserver players from Kronos, where we raided MC to Naxx. Our goals are to be a social hub for our members and make room for players that want to play their class to the limit. In raids we push ourselves to improve and maintain a fun atmosphere.
We are PvE focused primarily, but you will also find PvPers in our ranks.

- PvE focused.
- Progress through new raids in a timely manner.
- Clear farm content quickly
- From time to time we will do speedruns

Expectations from our members:
- Raid attendance. If you sign-up for a raid be available for the full raid duration.
- Uphold the guild reputation.
- Raiding: Come prepared to raid, know strats, bring consumables, PvE spec. Class Leaders are here to help you!
- Be a team player.

Raiding schedule:
- Thursdays 20:00 to 23:00
- Second raid day will be needed, and we are most likely to use Sundays

Send an application on
- Classes needed are listed on our webpage, in a collumn on the left side. Talk to an Officer if you have any questions.

Code of conduct:

- Be respectful of others. Both guildies and otherwise.
- No bullying!
- No racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, transphobia ++ allowed in guild.
- No gold buying! You are getting phat loot, don't get urself banned.

- Look up the strategies before the raid. If you are new to raiding, talk to your class representative before the raid.
- If you sign-up for a raid, be there and be available for the full duration of the raid.
- Raise issues and concerns before or after the raid, not during!
- designated reserverves will be available for the duration of the raid. You will get EP for this!

Use common sense, these rules serve as a guideline but are not all encompassing.